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How to choose an appropriate thermocouple correctly?

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How to choose an appropriate thermocouple correctly?
Latest company news about How to choose an appropriate thermocouple correctly?

How to choose an appropriate thermocouple correctly? Many of us with a little knowledge about thermocouple temperature sensors may actually have misunderstanding about the selection of thermocouple, however the misunderstanding will cause a lot of troubles to our industrial production, and we should avoid such problems because it is well known that thermocouple temperature sensors of precious metal are expensive, and to which we have to attach great importance.

First of all, when we choose a thermocouple temperature sensor, many people in industrial production will think that the higher the sensitivity of thermocouple, the better, but this is not the case. Technically speaking, only when the sensor maintains a higher sensitivity, the value of the output signal corresponding to the measured change will be greater, which is more conducive to signal processing. Therefore, from this perspective, it is accurate that the higher the sensor sensitivity, the better.

However, we also cannot ignore another problem, that is, as the sensitivity of sensor increases, more conditions that have nothing to do with the measured object will be introduced, and will continue to be amplified as the sensitivity increases. Such a result will eventually have a lot of adverse effects on measurement accuracy. Therefore, we need to pay attention to but not blindly pursue high-sensitivity sensors.

The second is the accuracy of the sensor. The accuracy of a sensor is not only one of the main indicators for judging performance, but also another important indicator for judging its characteristics. Accuracy is an important link related to the accuracy and timeliness of the entire measurement system. Therefore, we cannot ignore the accuracy of the sensor. However, do we have to choose a sensor with higher accuracy? And for sensor technology applications, products with higher precision often mean higher prices.

We may be confused by how to choose a thermocouple temperature sensor. In fact, for temperature sensors, we don’t have to pursue the best and most expensive temperature sensors. We can communicate with technicians to have a more thorough understanding of sensor related technical issues and technologies, since technicians know well what kind of thermocouple is suitable, and in fact, fit is more important than high precision. For more information about thermal resistorand thermocouple, please consult Testeck.

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