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Temperature monitoring of bulb tubular unit

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Temperature monitoring of bulb tubular unit
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The challenge of temperature monitoring in bulb tubular unit

1. The tubular turbine unit has large vibration. Under the influence of various loads such as dead weight, water pressure, magnetic torque, positive and reverse thrust, the vibration of the tubular unit is relatively large. The temperature jump of bearing bush occurs from time to time.

2. The heat dissipation of the tubular unit is worse than that of the conventional unit.

Due to the low speed and large number of poles, the magnetic pole system of the generator has a larger magnetic flux leakage and reactance than the conventional motor. The pole core has a higher magnetic density and requires more exciting ampere-turns, resulting in the difficulty of cooling the rotor. Enough attention must be paid to the temperature monitoring of bearing bush and stator. The reliability and accuracy of the temperature sensor should be challenged due to the inconvenient disassembly of temperature measuring elements in these parts.

3. Based on the characteristics of the tubular combined bearing, defects in the event,

Watts temperature monitoring will play an important role, timely alarm, can effectively avoid the occurrence of major accidents.

4. Because the hair, ManFa, stator temperature monitoring has become inevitable. Since the stator temperature measurement is embedded, reliability and long-term stability are in the first place.

5. Back to enter the tank has a certain pressure, and the oil level of surge phenomenon, have corresponding requirements, the design of the temperature sensor should not only consider the outside casing pressure, consider the oil leakage problem of tank wall

6. The bulb shell has a narrow space, and the switching terminal box is far away from the unit

Relatively far, the signal transmission cable of temperature measuring resistance is very long, temperature measuring resistance should be easy to install, and the conductor is required to be able to effectively shield the interference signal under the strong magnetic field and electric field interference.


Field problem

1. Jump and circuit break caused by temperature element

2. Jump and break caused by packaging problems

3. Short service life caused by unreasonable structure and inconvenient installation

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