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Working Principle and Application of Bimetal Thermometer

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Working Principle and Application of Bimetal Thermometer
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Working Principle and Application of Bimetal Thermometer


For bimetal temperature sensor, high-temperature bimetallic strip wound into a wire is used as a temperature detector and is installed on a protective sleeve, with one end called the fixed end and the other end connected to the thin shaft. This will be a free ending. The pointer is connected to the free end spool. The free end of temperature detector rotates as the temperature changes, thereby driving the pointer on the thin shaft to change the angle and indicate the corresponding temperature on the scale. The meter drives and changes the pointer through the steering transmission mechanism. Since the temperature detector has a linear relationship with the temperature change, the position indicated by the pointer of bimetal temperature sensor is also the measured temperature value. The shell is constructed with steel plate, cast alloy, stainless steel plate, and the detection element is also a core-pulling structure. The meter part of the angle adjustable temperature sensor uses bellows, and angle mechanism, etc., which can be replaced from below. It can be a straight line or a right angle.

An electrical contact group, regulator and socket are added to the electrical contact bimetal temperature sensor. In case of temperature changes, and when contacting or disconnecting from the preset temperature control, the relay or contactor in the control circuit enables the bimetal temperature sensor to provide automatic temperature control or alarm.

The bimetal temperature sensor is constructed based on the following principle: when the temperature changes, two different metals have different degrees of expansion. The main component of industrial bimetal temperature sensor is a multilayer metal plate, in which two or more metal plates are laminated together. In order to increase the sensitivity of temperature measurement, the metal plate is usually in the shape of a spiral coil. As the temperature of the multilayer metal plate changes, the amount of expansion or contraction of each layer of metal changes, resulting in spiral bending or relaxation. Since one end of the spiral coil is fixed and the other end is connected to the pointer, the pointer can rotate freely. When the bimetallic strip senses a temperature change, the pointer can indicate the temperature with a circular scale. The temperature range of this bimetallic temperature sensor meter is 6°C-200°C. At 50°C, the margin of error is approximately 1% of the scale range. The temperature sensor is similar to the rod-shaped glass liquid temperature sensor, but can work under conditions that require high mechanical strength.

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